Am I entitled to the UWE Bursary in academic year 2016/17?

The UWE Bursary is an important source of income for over 1,000 undergraduates each year. To help you work out your student budget before you start your studies at UWE, go through the steps of the calculator to see if you are likely to receive one. It is an estimate only and does not guarantee that you will receive a bursary.

Students in the list below are not eligible for the UWE Bursary:

  1. Students funded by Student Finance Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland
  2. Students funded by the NHS
  3. EU students entitled to a fee loan only from Student Finance
  4. Students who are entering level 2 or level 3 of their degree in 2016
  5. Students who are sponsored for their tuition fees (for example by MoD)

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